Download the E + A template

Download the E + A ver 1.0 Free Blogger XML Template here.

To install:

1. Go to Blogger.com

2. Under your blog, click and open 'Layout'.

3. Click and open the tab 'Edit HTML'

4. Do not tick "Expand Widget Templates"

5. Backup your existing template by clicking 'Download Full Template'

6. Copy and paste the E + A template in the field.

7. Click the 'PREVIEW' button below.

8. If satisfied click 'SAVE TEMPLATE'.

You are done.

Your next step will be to add and modify the widgets on the side bar.

Adding Label Cloud

For setting up and configuring the label cloud, go over to the phydeux3 blog. Instead of a boring list, you now have a cool looking cloud of your label tags. It saves space on your side bars as well.

E + A Free Blogger Template

This is version 1.0 of the E + A blogger template. It is a fast loading, three column, clean looking Blogger template modified from the Charm Skins's Adsense Tech Template.

The modifications include:

1. Addition of Digg button

2. Navigations tabs on the top

3. Removal of Background images

as well as some minor modifications in the coding.